How does the $49 initial payment work? Posted on 17 May 15:14

Now, that's an excellent question!


Most folks enjoy the feel of brand new furniture to complete their home. 

But, Mr. Budget chimes in, "Uh, oh! Can't afford the good stuff right now."

Here's good news!

Community Furnishings makes it happen. 

Fresh furniture delivered today ... with just $49 down. 

How does it work? 

You have 12 weeks to pay off the balance.

  • Same-as-cash.

  • No interest.

  • No credit needed. All based on income.

Do you have income? Then let's upgrade that furniture! 


"But what if I don't have $49 on my card today?"


You don't need the $49 until the day of delivery. We can still activate your account today with no money. You do NOT need the $49 in your bank account today to get the pay plan turned on. Just have it ready before delivery. 


Then what?

Just activate your account.  

All you need is your bank account and routing number. Done. 

Consider Sample Sally. 

Sally wants a sectional, but her card only has $10 on it. 

Fine. We can still activate her account. 

We look for:

  • A traditional bank account

  • In good standing for 90 days 

  • $1k+ flowing through that account monthly 


Average approval is 60% of your combined income for a whole month, before taxes. Including everyone in your house. 

All of the $49 plus tax goes to Progressive to cover risk and admin expense. 


Tap to activate your 90-day pay plan with Community Furnishings.

Or call 219-554-5100. Happy to help. 




What is better than a boxspring? Posted on 16 May 19:19

Short summary: 


  • Box springs BREAK & WASTE precious space is your room. 

  • Platforms are BETTER for 12 reasons. 


Shall we proceed? Awesome! 



What is a boxspring anyway?


Originally, there were SPRINGS inside a boxspring. 

Yes, really!  


springs in a bos


"That sounds weird. Why in the world?"

Welp, because mattresses originally did NOT HAVE springs inside!

Mats were filled with straw or horsehair. Yummy, right? 

All the bounce came from beneath. 



Then came along BedSprings.

"What's that?" 

Just metal springs without a fabric cover. 

Here's what they look like, upcycled: 



Nifty ... but not safe or smart, and metal is expensive. 


So along came "industry experts" who sat around a long table and collectively engineered something called a ... stick foundation. (Which didn't sound strong or comfortable). So they thought again and came up with ... box + spring. "Springs in a box! People will LOVE it!"


Why? All the benefits of a BedSpring (just the metal) but with a wooden frame and some fabric wrapped around it so kid's hands won't get squooshed in the dangerous springs. "Surely we have found the winning SOLUTION all the population will crave!" they raved! Congratulations all around! 


Then "cost-shavers" entered the bed factory to whittle away at the structural quality and cost of the sticks inside the box, and scrapped the metal springs altogether, because hey, now the mattress holds the springs! 

    "Grind the cost down!" boomed the demand from the front office. 

    (By the way, anyone who says a boxspring is "FREE" is just being silly or deceptive. Lumber and labor are NOT FREE. Always best to demand a line-item quote for each piece in your order. Please do not be lazy with math. Your 3rd grade teacher would be so proud of you! :) 


    Anyway, the factory kept ordering smaller and weaker materials until, voila! A box spring WITHOUT springs and WITHOUT ... much strength at all was born. 


    Boxspring Main Ingredients???

    Cardboard, less-than-one-inch THIN sticks, and ... staples! All delicately wrapped in thin fabric to hide the structural scrawniness. Behold the bones. 



    Super awesome ... (not really). "America will never figure out what they are sleeping on now!" (That was sarcasm.) 

    Except ... we did. 

    • Because sticks snap


    • Cardboard compresses


    • And "swoops" form in the 8-inch gaps between the "sticks." Like a sagging bridge. 


    Naturally the pendulum of public demand swung back toward QUALITY

    The all-steel platform base answers the call! To the rescue! 




    • Provides 14" of STORAGE space under your bed. 


    • Replaces your old-school box & rails. 



    • Superior SUPPORT without SAGGING


    • Is made of all STEEL (not bendy-grade thin tin). 


    • Holds 2,000 (Two Thousand+) pounds, because Americans are not getting any smaller. 



    • Is super portable / conveniently fits around tight corners. 


    • Anchors onto a HEADBOARD and footboard if you'd like. 



    • Does not provide a safe-haven for BED BUGS like hollow box springs do. 


    • Lasts way longer. 



    • Quite affordable. 


    • You'll love it. 



    Be smart. 

    Go SpaceSaver. 



    "I can get them cheaper at Walmart or Amazon."

    "Yep, but they're not going to be the STRONG-GUAGE steel. Come see them in person. These are better."


    "Okay, I'll try it." 


    Tap to call:



    Or message us directly: 


    Or just search Google Maps for:

    Community Furnishings 



    Who buys used furniture near me? Posted on 31 Jan 12:00

    The moment we think of buying new furniture, we automatically think of replacing the old. Right? Make it gone! 

    turn couch into cash

    Sometimes the old stuff is tore up. (Community Furnishings can remove and dispose of it for a reasonable fee.)  But what if your used furniture is still in decent condition? It has some "life left." What if someone could reuse or refurbish it?  Time to be a blessing!  And get a bit of gas money too, maybe! 


    Most Americans are addicted to convenience, and that is fine. We expect instant service. "I want this stuff gone today!" Great. We can (normally) make that happen.

    Community Furnishings provides good quality furniture AND we buy used furniture from the community. 

    FROM the community • FOR the community • HELPING others 


    • Do you deep clean it? Yes we do. 

    • Can you fix it? We determine that when you send us photos. 

    • Can you come look at it? No. Sorry. Please send photos. 

    • How much can you give me? Depends on resale value and distance.

      Just text us photos to get started, please. 

      sell my table set, please

      Most people want their used furniture removed quickly. We provide convenience. Convenience is the name of the game. Snap and gone. Text to: (219) 308-0905.


      • Text photos.

      • Text your zip.

      • We'll get you on the schedule.

      • Done.


      Usually, we pick the same day or next day. 


      Be assured the proceeds are doing good things for others in need.

      Support goes to Touch A Life (,, and others. You are helping us build feeding centers for abandoned, orphaned / destitute children in developing nations such as Honduras, India, Ghana, Haiti, and beyond.


      Touch A Life feeds both soul and body by providing education and nutritious food.

      Christian Media International shares the truth on radio and television into countries that are hungry to hear. 


      Your used furniture can make a difference for eternity! 


      eternity icon

      How much should a bed cost? Posted on 30 Jan 18:50

      Glad to hear you are looking for a good quality bed at a reasonable cost!

      "A bed should cost what it is worth."

      What make a bed worth the price? 


      1) Healthiness. Truly, a bed should ADD to your health, NOT be a risk to your health, right? Say no to re-built, re-wrapped, re-manufactured bedding disguised as new! 

      2) Comfort. It's got to feel awesome. 

      3) Durability. The longer it lasts, the more it's worth. Yes? 

      4) Affordability. The price has to be right. 



      Community Furnishings provides a balance of quality and value. Mama always said, "You get what you pay for."  The lowest price in town may be the lowest quality. Most shoppers are hunting for that happy middle between high quality and low cost. Right?

      Consider for a moment the value of your rest. Your bed is where your weary body rejuvenates and rebuilds itself for several hours each evening. REST matters!  What is the value of waking up refreshed? Feeling like you can attack the day. There are several factors that go into healthy sleep, like what you eat and how hard you work. But the right bed is part of the mix.


      Come pick a winner at Community Furnishings. 

      We've helped thousand of local folks find a best fit for their backbone, AND their budget :)


      happy balance bed 

      Experience that zero-gravity balance of cozy/comfortable and affordable/reality. Ready?

      Statistics say people shop about 3 places before settling on a bed they like. Just add us to your list of 3 stops. And put us toward the end of that list :)


      Who provides furniture removal service? Posted on 30 Jan 18:00

      Good thing you asked! 

      We provide Furniture Removal Service!

      Community Furnishings works hard to make life convenient for you.


      Most of the time, if you want your space cleared out, selling your stuff is the first thought. Right? But what about if it doesn't sell within your timeframe? 

      Or what if you just don't want to mess with haggling with the public? 

      Or what if you need all the stuff gone in a hurry? 

      That's when shines! 


      Setting a solid, realistic time frame 


      If you try to sell it yourself ... ask first, "How long can I afford to hold onto this stuff?" At what point does "having your space" become more valuable than your energy & time poured into trying to sell furniture? One week, two weeks, ... or how many months? Consider this:

      • Selling takes energy.

      • Selling takes time.

      • Selling can be not-so-fun. 

      • Selling has to stop at a certain point.

      "If this stuff has not sold by ________, then I am just going to text to come get it." 


      Setting a deadline is motivating yourself to price it right from the start! 


      If the community does not see the value, eventually just let it go. Time and space both matter. Many sellers experience no-call-no-shows. Which I suppose is just part of human nature. Sad, but true. 


      Some buyers show up in person ... but then haggle for half the price they agreed to earlier. That's super fun. 


      Finally, what if it doesn’t sell? We can help.


      Simply text snapshots of the stuff to (219) 308-0905 along with your zip code (please). We’ll immediately provide you a quote and a convenient pick up timeframe! 

      How much does JUST a box spring cost? Posted on 20 Mar 15:29

      Now THAT is a loaded question! 


      The answer should be simple, right? 


      Well, how much does it cost to BUILD a box spring (aka foundation) at the factory? 

      (The answer is about fifty bucks: $50.) 


      We just pass through that same price of $50. No markup. No margin. No profit. We absorb the cost to pickup & store the foundations. 


      Why? Well, because the rest of the industry seems determined to double the cost of everything. They multiply cost by 2-point-something. That is their magic formula. COST times 2.4x or 2.6x seems to be the acceptable market margin. On a box spring! 

      People can sense when they are being gouged. They know it. 


      Here is what JUST a box spring sells for locally

      menards logo tm

      Menards: Serta® Queen Size Commercial Box Spring

      Everyday Low Price: $129

      Model Number: 692499_550  |  Menards® SKU: 4821961
      Variation: Queen Size - Cream color

      Sams club logo tm

      Sam's Club: 

      Serta StabL-Base Foundation Universal Box Spring (Club Pickup) 

      • $129.98
      Item  #: 511976 | Model #:  500107899-550 
      Costco logo tm

      Costco: Blackstone BiFold 7.5" Foundation - Queen

      Your Price: $139.99

      Item #1091483


      community furnishings logo

      Community Furnishings: $50 

      Fifty. Cost-pass-through. We buy at $50 from the factory and sell at $50 to the public. 

      Why give it away?

      Because then people relax and listen better to what our mattresses cost. They know we are not out to make a buck from every angle. All proceeds go to effective world evangelism anyway. 


      Some might be thinking: "But won't people just take advantage of you? I mean buy the mattress elsewhere and come get a factory-cost foundation / box from you guys?"

      Well, that would be fine actually. We are confident our mattress quality and price point is worthy of comparing. 


      black foundation box spring  

      black base foundation boxspring


      Message us here for info:  

      We LOVE questions!!! 

      How can it cost (just) that much for delivery? Posted on 23 Aug 17:27


      Delivery costs something. Let's take a look.

      The three lowest-cost options are:

      1) Call a friend with a truck or SUV.

      2) Securely strap the items to the roof of a vehicle with a rack on top. (We provide 300-pound load-bearing ratchet straps at $3 cost pass-through.)

      3) Donate acceptable furniture to offset delivery costs.


      What do other places charge?

      Other furniture stores roll-in the delivery cost. What does that mean?

      Some stores let their profit margin absorb some or most of the delivery cost.

      Typical big-box retailers mark up their furniture 2.8x over cost. That means when an item costs them $100 from the factory, they multiply that cost by 2.8 to arrive at a retail tag reflecting $280.

      There is plenty of room to absorb some of the delivery cost inside that hefty margin, right?

      All large furniture dealers in this region outsource delivery to a 3rd party company. In other words, even though the trucks might display the furniture brand name on the side, look on the door of the truck to see who the real delivery company is. Delivery gets subbed out to independent contractors. This reduces risk to the furniture headquarters. There are other compelling reasons furniture stores outsource their delivery service, but that's for another day.

      Some stores find it convenient to just flat-price delivery for everyone. That seems unjust to the person who lives close by, and too good to be true for the person an hour away.

      Commonly, delivery crews have a white-glove policy where they are not allowed to remove the items the customer wants gone. Only one major furniture retailer has a removal cost program at $45 per piece of furniture you have them remove. Nice, right?


      What are the real delivery costs?

      Consider the time invested:

      ____ Scheduling / communication time

      ____ Load up time

      ____ Drive time

      ____ Delivery / installation

      ____ Possible haul-away time

      ____ Return trip

      For two guys


      Consider the costs:

      $____ Two strong, smart workers

      $____ Truck lease

      $____ Insurance (both on the truck and the property)

      $____ Maintenance by mileage

      $____ Reduced productivity while the labor is gone from the store (This one is really hard to measure but definitely a consideration.)

      $____ Fuel


      Our purpose is just breaking-even on delivery.

      We gladly pickup acceptable furniture donations to offset some or all of the delivery costs.

      To see how much your donated items will impact your delivery cost, kindly text pictures to: (219) 308-0905. (We consider furniture, artwork, and lamps.)  

      To discover the cost of delivery, simply send us a Facebook message with your ZIP Code here:


      Thanks for reading! Tell a friend. 

      Pricing your furniture to sell realistically from the start Posted on 12 Aug 19:13



      Imagine you’re trying to sell some furniture ... maybe for a friend. 

      How do you arrive at a good price point? Here are seven helpful considerations: 


      1. EXPOSURE. Calculate your realistic exposure. 


      How many people will see your items? The more people who see it increases your chances of finding an interested buyer, right? How much foot traffic will come to a yard sale, realistically? Give it a good, ballpark guess. 15? 50? 100? That number is probably the main factor in whether your item will sell. How many responses do you conservatively estimate you will get online? Exposure is key. 


      2. TIME. Consider your time frame. 


      Do you have time and space to store this stuff for another 2 weeks or a month? What is your deadline to make it disappear? The longer you can hold onto it, the better chance a motivated buyer finds you. But time is valuable. If you are moving or need your space back, then your price should reflect that reality. 


      3. WORK. Think about labor. 


      How much energy is invested into moving the stuff? What about cleanup time? Delivery cost (fuel / truck / time / manpower)? Americans love convenience. If it’s easy, we do it. When you try liquidating several bulky furniture pieces, labor becomes a factor. Plus the energy that goes into responding to potential buyers, gauging risk, scheduling appointments, and dealing with no-shows. 


      4. SENTIMENT. Consider your emotional ties. 


      Emotions may not determine the final outcome. But emotions can not be totally avoided. People develop a history of interaction with their home decor pieces & furniture. That’s just human nature. Sometimes a piece represents a memorable relationship. It is hard to emotionally release some items. 


      5. DEMAND. What is the demand? 


      In your best estimation, does the general public have a strong desire to own this item? Single chairs do not have the demand that a set of 6 matching chairs carry. Are people buying retro-fabric sleeper sofas nowadays? Maybe college students will want it :-) How about those old entertainment centers where the doors close over the 30” tv? Nope! Why not? Huge screens are all the rave. When the demand is low … the price must be low also.  


      6. FLUFF. Asking above what you’d accept.  


      The top reason a house does not sell is the price is over-inflated / fluffed up. Finding that sweet spot of a realistic price up front is vital to selling success. In retail world, fluffing is adding “frosting” to the base price. Asking too much can backfire. There are two ways to deal with the natural instinct all buyers have to want confirmation that they got the best deal possible. First, the seller can clearly indicate the price is solid. “It is what it is.” Secondly, some sellers prefer to encourage haggling by asking for 20% to 50% more than what they’d be willing to accept as a final offer. It’s fine either way. Just clarify if the price is a ballpark / starting point or if the price is your realistic ending point. Some people like fluffing. Others like being solid. Everyone likes clarity. Don’t be afraid of the common shopper question, “Is this your best price?” 


      7. PLAN B. What about when it doesn’t sell? 


      Sometimes you run out of time to sell your furniture, or you need your space back. That’s where we come in. We buy acceptable furniture at wholesale. You get convenient removal service, the confidence of knowing it when to help a good cause, and some money in your pocket!  We’d love to be your Plan B.

      Simply snap shots of the stuff and text it to (219) 308-0905, along with your zip code. We'll get right back to you with a quote and a convenient pickup time! 


      Any additions or corrections?

      Message us here: 


      (Thanks for reading. Know someone else who might enjoy this article? Please pass it on!) 



      You Are Safer In The Center Posted on 26 May 20:09

      "Your personal comfort is worth the investment." ~ Said Someone Smart, ... once 

      Experience says,
      "Super-cheap stuff usually doesn't last long." 

      The wallet says,
      "It's just a bed. Just get what you need; nothing more." 

      Right there in the middle is the safest place. Not too cheap and not overpriced.

      What is cheap?

      yuckie mattress guts
      • Cheaply made. Refurbished. Re-built. Just a new quilt covering old yucky guts inside. Not enough padding. Low-grade materials.
      • Disposable. Short-term use. Not built for endurance. Less than a 10-year full warranty on a mattress. Any mattress under $200. 

      What is overpriced?

      • Perception. Big name. Buying the brand. Luxury. Any mattress over $1,000. 

      What is good? 

      (Well, when it comes to mattresses…)

      • Good feels good. 
      • Good is comfortable. 
      • Good is completely new (not re-built). 
      • Good is healthy. 
      • Good has a 15-year warrantee from a factory with 100+ years experience in the business. 
      • Good helps a good cause.

      Good becomes great when it's the same quality as that other place but for a couple hundred dollars less.

      Stay safe in the center. 
      Come experience a good comfort fit.
      And your wallet will feel good too! 

      How OfferUp Benefits You Posted on 24 May 18:43


      We are blessed to average 40 to 50 fresh furniture pieces arriving daily. There is no shortage of inventory ... fresh furniture is flowing inbound! 

      One easy way to see what just arrived is following our OfferUp channel. 



      WHAT IS IT?

      OfferUp is a free smart phone app to sell & shop for local stuff. (Less creepy than Craigslist, with built-in anonymous messaging!) 



      1. Download OfferUp for free to your phone through the App Store or Google Play.
      2. SEARCH "Community Furnishings" in the OfferUp search engine.
      3. Tap one of our product images with the turquoise wall background.
      4. Tap our ORANGE ICON / LOGO shown here, then tap FOLLOW.



      Some excellent items fly through here so fast! The average stay for a sectional is <3 days. In and gone. Be nice to yourself and don't miss what comes in. 

      If you consider that 40 items multiplied by 6 days a week = 240 furniture items coming through the doors each week, there is a high likelihood that the item you are hunting for will show up soon enough. 


      HOW DO I START? 


      Check it out: