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You Are Safer In The Center

"Your personal comfort is worth the investment." ~ Said Someone Smart, ... once 

Experience says,
"Super-cheap stuff usually doesn't last long." 

The wallet says,
"It's just a bed. Just get what you need; nothing more." 

Right there in the middle is the safest place. Not too cheap and not overpriced.

What is cheap?

yuckie mattress guts
  • Cheaply made. Refurbished. Re-built. Just a new quilt covering old yucky guts inside. Not enough padding. Low-grade materials.
  • Disposable. Short-term use. Not built for endurance. Less than a 10-year full warranty on a mattress. Any mattress under $200. 

What is overpriced?

  • Perception. Big name. Buying the brand. Luxury. Any mattress over $1,000. 

What is good? 

(Well, when it comes to mattresses…)

  • Good feels good. 
  • Good is comfortable. 
  • Good is completely new (not re-built). 
  • Good is healthy. 
  • Good has a 15-year warrantee from a factory with 100+ years experience in the business. 
  • Good helps a good cause.

Good becomes great when it's the same quality as that other place but for a couple hundred dollars less.

Stay safe in the center. 
Come experience a good comfort fit.
And your wallet will feel good too!