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Reasons We Do Not Haggle

  • We give special pricing to special people … and since everyone is special, everyone gets the same special price :) Haggling encourages injustice. 


  • We discovered it is refreshingly rare to just be transparent, upfront, and solid on the prices. No fluff. The posted price should be the best price.



    • Haggling eats up so much energy from the shopper & shopkeeper.


    • Haggling tempts business owners to pre-inflate their prices in anticipation of haggling. Fluffing up prices does not help either party in the long run.


    • Prices here are based on moving an item out the door in 3 to 4 weeks. If something is still here after a month, then we know two things: either 1) we are out of touch with community demand, or 2) we did not properly use marketing to expose that product to enough people online and in person. If an item sits on our showfloor for over a month, then we lower the price with a fresh tag.


    • None of the profit goes into my pocket. We are a funnel, not a bucket, channeling funding into eternity by supporting feeding centers for orphaned and abandoned children, along with Christian education in underprivileged nations. We also partner with Christian Media International to publish the gospel by radio and television to a potential listening audience of 3 billion people.


    Thank you for understanding,


    Justin Holm

    Manger ~ Community Furnishings