How Does Delivery Work? Posted on 12 Oct 15:43

Local pickup is free of course.  We gladly load your items into your vehicle for no charge. 


Normal delivery is based on distance. We deliver smiles to the 141 zip codes shown below. Please understand there are many factors that figure into the total cost of providing delivery service. We do not make a profit on the delivery cost. That may sound strange. But consider the cost of trying to cover 141 zips, leasing a truck, paying for mileage, the hourly wages of the driver plus navigator, loading time, delivery time, return trip, fuel, insurance, maintenance, and reduced team productivity at the store. 


We deliver for less or free when you have quality furniture items you wish to donate at the time of delivery. The value of the items given brings the delivery cost down. Many folks have a couple pieces of extra furniture they have been meaning to replace. Why not offset your delivery cost by letting us pick them up? If you have more items to sell wholesale, we can make an offer at the time of delivery. Or text pictures to (219) 308-0905. 

We like delivering the same day you buy, if that is convenient for you.

Your hard-working delivery crew welcomes tips! 


Helpful ideas if you don't want to pay for delivery: 

  • Menards rents a pickup at $19 for the first 75 minutes. 
  • You have 7 days after purchase to arrange for a friend with a truck to help you transport your items. We can only store items a maximum of seven days. 



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