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What stuff do you have available and when does new stuff come in?

We enjoy listening to our customer's common questions.


Here is a top question from people who have not been here yet: "What do you have?" sometimes followed by "And when will you have more?" 

Well ... let's start with the first part. How much stuff is here? The building is 11,500 square feet of gently used adventure land:) Just did a fresh count and we have available to the community ...

  • 565 furniture pieces made primarily of wood or metal 
  • 245 pieces of home decor & artwork 
  • 50 furniture pieces covered in fabric or leather 
  • 50 electronics & lamps 
  • 126 units of bedding (mattresses, foundations/box springs, headboard/footboard sets, bed rails) 
  • 17 appliances 
  • 23 decorative plants for ambiance (which are not for sale because my wife says the plants help make the store feel nice:) 


Once people visit, they realize there is a lot of stuff here! 


"How often do you get new things?" 

Well, we average thirty (30) fresh arrivals daily. 30 sets or pieces of furniture come into the building each day. That is a huge blessing. Multiply that by a 6-day week and ... that's some serious stuff-moving by our crew, right?