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How much should a bed cost?

Glad to hear you are looking for a good quality bed at a reasonable cost!

"A bed should cost what it is worth."

What make a bed worth the price? 


1) Healthiness. Truly, a bed should ADD to your health, NOT be a risk to your health, right? Say no to re-built, re-wrapped, re-manufactured bedding disguised as new! 

2) Comfort. It's got to feel awesome. 

3) Durability. The longer it lasts, the more it's worth. Yes? 

4) Affordability. The price has to be right. 



Community Furnishings provides a balance of quality and value. Mama always said, "You get what you pay for."  The lowest price in town may be the lowest quality. Most shoppers are hunting for that happy middle between high quality and low cost. Right?

Consider for a moment the value of your rest. Your bed is where your weary body rejuvenates and rebuilds itself for several hours each evening. REST matters!  What is the value of waking up refreshed? Feeling like you can attack the day. There are several factors that go into healthy sleep, like what you eat and how hard you work. But the right bed is part of the mix.


Come pick a winner at Community Furnishings. 

We've helped thousand of local folks find a best fit for their backbone, AND their budget :)


happy balance bed 

Experience that zero-gravity balance of cozy/comfortable and affordable/reality. Ready?

Statistics say people shop about 3 places before settling on a bed they like. Just add us to your list of 3 stops. And put us toward the end of that list :)