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How To Use Space Appropriately With The Furniture In A Bedroom

Regardless of the size of your home and the rooms inside, you’ll need beds for every person in your family. Just buying a bed and a bed frame really isn’t enough to make your home feel airy, liveable and look attractive every time you enter a different room. Arranging furniture is a surprisingly complex process and can sometimes feel overwhelming when you’re comparing your smaller master bedroom to the things you see on interior design instagrams. Luckily, there’s plenty of interior designers who recognize that issue and are willing to pass on the knowledge they have to help you make the most of any space with your furniture placement and what the room has available in its own right. Let’s take a look at how to make the most of any bedroom’s space and your furniture. 

Only Install Necessary Furniture

Look, we know there’s loads of Instagram accounts that prominently feature bedrooms with little hemp mushroom chairs, but strictly speaking you can only really do that if you have the right space. Most bedrooms are really only made for sleeping. They aren’t built with much room to walk around in, many even go sparse in regard to windows and natural lighting, which only serves to make a space look smaller, more cramped and dense. That means all of your mandatory bigger pieces of furniture like your wardrobe and bed will have to take center stage in the room. There’s something to starting out small additionally. If you just aim to find the perfect slots for your bed and dresser, then you can slowly work in other furniture pieces without sacrificing the whole look of the room or the functionality of the room by making yourself feel suddenly short on space. 

If you’re already starting out in a small apartment, this is especially important. Take advantage of the natural lighting you have available and be sure to keep the room sparse. If you’re looking to get creative with the way the room looks. Don’t take up floor space, hang plants and paintings on the wall to make the room feel more full without making it feel more cramped-up. 

Still Unsure? Map It Out

Even if you’re not the most talented artist or if you don’t classify yourself as a visual learner, then you can still benefit from seeing the room laid out on the page. This will keep furniture placement simple and make the process more visual without making you move your furniture six or seven times just to get the right layout. Keep your scale in inches so that you have a basic idea of where and how everything will fit and you can get a bird’s eye view of how the bedroom should look and feel. If you don’t want to draw at all, there’s actually home design sites that allow you to create rooms in 3D. This might reduce the amount of trial and error needed to find that sweet spot you’re looking for. 

Looking Where To Start?

With any room, you’ll always have to build the room around the biggest piece of furniture in that room. So, in regard to your bedroom, you’ll have to start with your bed frame and mattress. As a general placement rule, placing the bed on the opposite wall to the door or the largest wall with no windows is often the best place to put the bed. But, depending on the different unique architectural parts of the room, this could vary. Go with your gut first and think only about how you want the bed to look. A word of warning to the folks who like the look of a bed beneath a window, that can at times be unwise. If the window is a little drafty for example, you’ll get quite cold at night and it’ll be hard to block the sun from getting in your eyes. 

After The Bed

Once you’ve found the perfect spot for the bed, start working on each piece’s placement from big to small. Thus, after the bed will likely come the dresser, after that you may get a second storage unit, and some bedside tables. Whenever you feel as if you’re struggling to find a placement for something, just stop and go somewhere else in the house like the common room or elsewhere. Most furniture is pretty versatile, especially bedroom furniture. So if it doesn’t fit, don’t try to force it, just re-purpose it and try again with your next bedroom in your next apartment or home.

Got A Rug? Use It Right

An area rug, thankfully, is not another piece of furniture that takes up loads of room. In fact, they’re rather easy to place and can make a small, sparse room appear far more put together than it otherwise would. As a general rule to help you get the most out of your rug placement, do it after everything else is placed. While this might sound like quite the pain, it’ll actually save you from incorrectly placing the rug and making everything in the room seem a little off. If you’re shooting to place the area rug under the bed, they often look best placed in the lower two-thirds of the bed. 

Don’t Be a Stickler For Guidelines

Guidelines are just that. They aren’t hard and fast rules and they shouldn’t be treated as such. If your area rug looks better in the middle of the room, move the rug. Go with your gut. After all, you’re the one living in this room, not an interior designer, so what you like is king. Being flexible with your designs makes the room feel more like something you created and that’s really the secret to why all those Instagram rooms look good: they’re personalized. It’s like being an artist, contemporary and abstract art work only because the artists creating those know exactly what the rules are, so they know how to break them the best. Make a room yours, before it’s anything else.

Don’t Feel Like Working With What You’ve Got? Get Something New

Sometimes, a room doesn’t feel like yours because the pieces you have in there just aren’t what you like anymore. People’s styles and tastes evolve over time, so come get something that fits what you like better. Community Furnishings features beautifully-made, high-quality bedroom furniture sets and pieces that appeal to all different aesthetics. You can come and find the pieces you really want and then get awesome financing options for them so it’s not a huge out-of-pocket expense right at the time of purchase. 

We’re here to help make shopping for furniture and buying the furniture you love easy. Reach out to us if you have any questions and come see our ever-rotating stock today to start finding the best pieces for your room today.