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What is better than a boxspring?

Short summary: 


  • Box springs BREAK & WASTE precious space is your room. 

  • Platforms are BETTER for 12 reasons. 


Shall we proceed? Awesome! 



What is a boxspring anyway?


Originally, there were SPRINGS inside a boxspring. 

Yes, really!  


springs in a bos


"That sounds weird. Why in the world?"

Welp, because mattresses originally did NOT HAVE springs inside!

Mats were filled with straw or horsehair. Yummy, right? 

All the bounce came from beneath. 



Then came along BedSprings.

"What's that?" 

Just metal springs without a fabric cover. 

Here's what they look like, upcycled: 



Nifty ... but not safe or smart, and metal is expensive. 


So along came "industry experts" who sat around a long table and collectively engineered something called a ... stick foundation. (Which didn't sound strong or comfortable). So they thought again and came up with ... box + spring. "Springs in a box! People will LOVE it!"


Why? All the benefits of a BedSpring (just the metal) but with a wooden frame and some fabric wrapped around it so kid's hands won't get squooshed in the dangerous springs. "Surely we have found the winning SOLUTION all the population will crave!" they raved! Congratulations all around! 


Then "cost-shavers" entered the bed factory to whittle away at the structural quality and cost of the sticks inside the box, and scrapped the metal springs altogether, because hey, now the mattress holds the springs! 

    "Grind the cost down!" boomed the demand from the front office. 

    (By the way, anyone who says a boxspring is "FREE" is just being silly or deceptive. Lumber and labor are NOT FREE. Always best to demand a line-item quote for each piece in your order. Please do not be lazy with math. Your 3rd grade teacher would be so proud of you! :) 


    Anyway, the factory kept ordering smaller and weaker materials until, voila! A box spring WITHOUT springs and WITHOUT ... much strength at all was born. 


    Boxspring Main Ingredients???

    Cardboard, less-than-one-inch THIN sticks, and ... staples! All delicately wrapped in thin fabric to hide the structural scrawniness. Behold the bones. 



    Super awesome ... (not really). "America will never figure out what they are sleeping on now!" (That was sarcasm.) 

    Except ... we did. 

    • Because sticks snap


    • Cardboard compresses


    • And "swoops" form in the 8-inch gaps between the "sticks." Like a sagging bridge. 


    Naturally the pendulum of public demand swung back toward QUALITY

    The all-steel platform base answers the call! To the rescue! 




    • Provides 14" of STORAGE space under your bed. 


    • Replaces your old-school box & rails. 



    • Superior SUPPORT without SAGGING


    • Is made of all STEEL (not bendy-grade thin tin). 


    • Holds 2,000 (Two Thousand+) pounds, because Americans are not getting any smaller. 



    • Is super portable / conveniently fits around tight corners. 


    • Anchors onto a HEADBOARD and footboard if you'd like. 



    • Does not provide a safe-haven for BED BUGS like hollow box springs do. 


    • Lasts way longer. 



    • Quite affordable. 


    • You'll love it. 



    Be smart. 

    Go SpaceSaver. 



    "I can get them cheaper at Walmart or Amazon."

    "Yep, but they're not going to be the STRONG-GUAGE steel. Come see them in person. These are better."


    "Okay, I'll try it." 


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