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Who provides furniture removal service?

Good thing you asked! 

We provide Furniture Removal Service!

Community Furnishings works hard to make life convenient for you.


Most of the time, if you want your space cleared out, selling your stuff is the first thought. Right? But what about if it doesn't sell within your timeframe? 

Or what if you just don't want to mess with haggling with the public? 

Or what if you need all the stuff gone in a hurry? 

That's when shines! 

Setting a solid, realistic time frame 


If you try to sell it yourself ... ask first, "How long can I afford to hold onto this stuff?" At what point does "having your space" become more valuable than your energy & time poured into trying to sell furniture? One week, two weeks, ... or how many months? Consider this:

  • Selling takes energy.

  • Selling takes time.

  • Selling can be not-so-fun. 

  • Selling has to stop at a certain point.

"If this stuff has not sold by ________, then I am just going to text to come get it." 


Setting a deadline is motivating yourself to price it right from the start! 


If the community does not see the value, eventually just let it go. Time and space both matter. Many sellers experience no-call-no-shows. Which I suppose is just part of human nature. Sad, but true. 


Some buyers show up in person ... but then haggle for half the price they agreed to earlier. That's super fun. 


Finally, what if it doesn’t sell? We can help.


Simply text snapshots of the stuff to (219) 308-0905 along with your zip code (please). We’ll immediately provide you a quote and a convenient pick up timeframe!