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Why Buying Used Furniture Is Better

Used furniture has almost always been better than new furniture. Since the modern era is an eclectic combination of different styles from different times, it can be much easier to deliver on a certain aesthetic or appeal with vintage furniture than modern equivalents of those same pieces. Bearing that in mind, if you’re looking to create a really beautifully balanced room with a certain design appeal and you don’t feel like sacrificing an arm and a leg to get there, then consignment or used furniture is 100% the way to go. Don’t believe us? We’ve got a pretty sound argument for it:

Freedom Of Customization

Pre-owned furniture or affordable furniture comes with an option only the products of Hobby Lobby can totally claim: the freedom of customization. Feel free to paint your repurposed furniture to fit your color scheme: plaster it with artsy wallpaper, or use a stencil to put curling fleur de lis all over it, your imagination is the only limit you’ll face. If you were to try the same with brand new, expensive furniture, you’d feel guilty and the pressure to pursue perfection would be crushing. Sidestep it by purchasing a lower priced item and customizing it to your heart's desire. As long as something has the general shape you’re looking for, almost anything can be altered to fit a vision better.


Our favorite part about used furniture is that it’s affordable. If you’re in a pinch with your paychecks and you’re looking for a way to be able to afford a coffee table or spruce up your place, even if you’re just trying to get a better mattress or support for the mattress you have Community Furnishings is proud to be able to help you do that affordably. Every year the price of regular commodities, like furniture, climbs and it makes it harder for regular folks to outfit their homes with the things you associate with a regular home. To combat that, we offer beautifully crafted furniture at affordable prices with financing available if you’re looking for a way to make payments on a month-to-month basis.

Unrivaled Quality

While it’s few and far between that we’ll get a piece made of walnut and with origins tracing back to Europe, we still offer furniture pieces that are built to last. Beautiful, well-built furniture is much like those pieces that can trace their origins back through generations. An heirloom piece of furniture sees the family history unfold around it, every petty quarrel, great success and move to a new place is witnessed by that same piece of furniture that might one day may decorate your children’s home. It’s poetic in its significance and it’s built to last so that it can keep that status.

Shop Community Furnishings

Whatever piece of furniture you’re looking for, we have a huge variety of options available for you. From coffee tables to mattresses, and from bunk beds to living rooms sets we’ve got everything you need to furnish a beautiful home for your family. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about our pieces, or come and visit us to take a look yourself. We’re eager to help you find the perfect piece for your style and needs.