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WEEKLY or MONTHLY. Rodeo White Console with Sliding Barn Door

WEEKLY or MONTHLY. Rodeo White Console with Sliding Barn Door

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Weekly for 12 Weeks Or Monthly for 12 Months


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Perfectly fits 65-inch OR 80-inch TV screens!

Color Makes It Happen!

TV CONSOLE W/SLIDING DOOR (Fits 65inch TV screens): $459 cash or card

  • $41 weekly for 12 weeks
  • $41 monthly for 12 months
  • $27 bi-weekly over 19 months

TV CONSOLE W/SLIDING DOOR (Fits 80inch TV screens): $529 cash or card

  • $47 weekly for 12 weeks
  • $47 monthly for 12 months
  • $30 bi-weekly over 19 months

Let's Make It Happen!

Plenty of BRAND NEW TV CONSOLES to choose from! Serving hours: 10 to 7:30 Mon, Tue, Th, Fri, Sat. 10 to 6 Wednesday. Not Open Sundays. Please give us a  call at (219) 554-5100 to connect with a friendly and helpful team member!

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