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Double Panther Rug
Double Panther Rug
Double Panther Rug
Double Panther Rug
Double Panther Rug

Double Panther Rug

Community Furnishings

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More of it...

  • High pile high density and thick yarn
  • 100% polypropylene pile (BCF) with jute backing
  • Stain resistant and colorfast
  • Nicest hand-feel on an entry level rug

Color Makes It Happen!

Available Sizes:

2′   7′ Hall Runner: $19 cash or card

45” • 61” Medium: $29 cash or card

5′ • 7′ Standard: $49 cash or card

8′ • 10′ MEGA Whole Room: $99 cash or card

** To see more of African Adventure Rug Collection, please search AFRI ADVENTURE in the website!

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