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WEEKLY or MONTHLY. Sandy Belle Manual Recliner
WEEKLY or MONTHLY. Sandy Belle Manual Recliner

WEEKLY or MONTHLY. Sandy Belle Manual Recliner

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Weekly for 12 Weeks Or Monthly for 12 Months


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    Your Home Needs Some Reclining Action!

    Recline in comfort with Isabella by Steve Silver Company. Pillowtop arms blend with backs that feature extra padding to give this reclining seat unbelievable comfort. The sand fabric gives the set a light yet neutral look.

    • Fabric cover: polyester and polyurethane
    • Double padded arms with pillowtop and deeply padded backs for extra comfort
    • Exposed contrasting stitching gives the collection a rugged appearance
    • A pull-lever on outside arm of each outside seat allows for an easy recline
    • Available in sand or grey colors

    Color Makes It Happen!

    Manual Recliner: $499 cash or card

    • $44 weekly over 12 weeks
    • $44 monthly over 12 months
    • Ask us about bi-weekly payment


    Let's Make It Happen!

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